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Ascend Contact Center?

EarthBend360 has partnered with market-leader Enghouse Interactive to deliver our Ascend Contact Center platform and Community Cloud portfolio of contact center solutions.  Ascend Contact Center offers an omni-channel, cloud-based contact center platform with a complete array of features and functionality for businesses of all types and sizes.  Plus, with Community Cloud, we’ve assembled a vibrant ecosystem of the industry’s very best supporting contact center technologies, all offering seamless interoperability and maximum utility.

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How does your customer experience strategy stack up?

For many businesses, the customer experience isn’t just handled, but actually made in the contact center. It is the point of engagement between a company and its customers, so managing that experience, and the opportunity to build customer loyalty, often happens with contact center agents.  Focusing on customer experience management may be the single most important investment a company can make in today’s competitive business climate.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to cost-effectively improve your contact center operations and deliver a customer service experience that makes you stand out from the competition.  A cloud-based application strategy is the approach that many smart business leaders are considering when looking to update or upgrade their contact center technology infrastructure.  EarthBend360 can help you leverage the power of the cloud in your contact center to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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    The Business Benefits of EarthBend360 Ascend Contact Center

    • Flexibility: Add agents, extend functionality and adapt quickly to business needs without having to buy new infrastructure or tie up in-house IT resources.

    • Scalability: Most businesses have cyclical demand, and the inherent scalability of the cloud-based EarthBend360 Ascend Contact Center platform allows for growth on an as-needed basis.

    • Affordability: EarthBend360 Ascend Contact Center is cash flow friendly and delivers immediate relief from large capital expense budget requests.

    • Reliability: With inherent safeguards and redundancy built into our data centers and networks, EarthBend360 Ascend Contact Center offers a level of business continuity that many small and mid-sized businesses want, but would find too expensive and complex to implement on their own.

    Upgrade to an Omni-Channel Cloud Contact Center Experience.

    Your customers care about connecting with your business – the way they want and when they want.  Addressing that requires an omni-channel approach and a broad range of different communications and interaction options to meet the preferences of all kinds of customers – from self-service to traditional voice calls.

    EarthBend360’s Ascend cloud contact center platform delivers robust omni-channel capabilities – including voice, email, webchat, social media, video and SMS – to seamlessly connect businesses of all sizes to their customers.

    Many customers prefer to communicate by email. It offers the advantage of a clear audit trail, with time/date stamp evidence. Now you can give emails the attention they deserve with intelligent email queuing, predefined reply templates, skills-based routing and more.

    Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter let your customers share their opinion and experiences with their friends / followers. Find and respond to social media conversations related to your brand or organization, recognize and reward positive comments and efficiently manage negative comments before they can do any real harm. Now it’s easy to monitor activity and respond appropriately.

    Text messages are handy for appointment reminders, competitions, promotions and surveys. Your contact center can be optimized to send and receive SMS communications efficiently.

    Online customers can request a text chat with the individual or department who’s best-equipped to help. Alternatively, they can simply click on an icon to request a callback from an agent.

    Online customers can also simply click on an icon to request a callback from an agent, reducing customer frustration by making the process effortless for the customer.

    Faxing is still alive and well in many industries. Fax queuing improves the access, control and security of fax communications, plus there’s no need for paper archiving – all faxes are converted into images for easy storage.

    The technology is available for you to communicate with your customers face to face. Video chat allows companies to re-create the in-store or personalized experience in a way that’s convenient for the customer.

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    Advanced Contact Center
    Features & Functionality.

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could guarantee that every customer got through to the right person, with the right information, and resolved the issue, the first time, every time? EarthBend360 Ascend Contact Center is the total contact center solution that can help you do just that! Key platform features and capabilities include:

    • Omni-channel communications
    • Preview, predictive and progressive dialing
    • ACD routing, queuing and reporting
    • Speech auto attendant
    • Multi-modal IVR, including voice, email, SMS and mobile
    • Intuitive web-based interfaces
    • Omni-channel recording and quality management
    • Real-time and historical reporting
    • Advanced integration capabilities


    Provide customers with the right service at the right time in the right way.

    omni-channel communications

    Leverage the benefits of true omni-channel communication capabilities, with seamless support delivered across voice, email, SMS text, web chat, social media, video and more.  All contact types can be streamlined and centralized in a single, fully integrated solution with a user-friendly interface.


    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables a blended approach of self-service and agent-assisted services.

    Self-Service Solutions

    The platform’s IVR technology supports voice, email and SMS. IVR call flows can be customized using the Studio work flow/scripting tool and can be fully integrated into call routing procedures, offering a unique blended approach between self-service and agent assisted services.


    Securely host multiple companies and/or business units on a single shared platform.


    Multi-tenancy is a key technology enabler for cloud-based contact centers, as it securely partitions multiple enterprises and/or business units on a single secured platform. This simplifies overall administration and enhances cost effectiveness via economies of scale on hardware, software and IT personnel.


    Customizable real-time and historical reports, enabling actionable business intelligence.


    The highly customizable widget-based Supervisor Dashboard provides real time reports and a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer interactions. Many standard reports are pre-configured out of the box, and the platform also stores data on all call- and agent-related events for historical reports.


    Voice and screen recording capabilities are provided natively within the platform.

    Integrated Recording

    Calls can be recorded selectively based on factors such as agent profile, group and skills. In addition, all calls can be recorded to meet compliance requirements, and agents can start and stop recording as desired. Optional Scoring and Evaluation allows QA staff to create and store interaction scorecards.


    A complete outbound solution for predictive, progressive, preview and IVR dialing.

    Outbound Dialer

    Dialing modes include preview, progressive, predictive and IVR. Advanced algorithms based on real-time massive simulation are used to dynamically control the pacing, enabling compliance with abandoned call regulations without sacrificing agent productivity.

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    A Solution Option for Every Business.

    With EarthBend360 Ascend Contact Center, you enjoy all the benefits of an advanced premises-based contact center technology platform delivered via a convenient and reliable cloud-based service. And, we make it easy to purchase, with affordably priced service bundles designed to meet the unique contact center requirements of any business.


    • ACD Functionality (skills-based routing and queueing)
    • In/Outbound Voice Only
    • Call Recording
    • Supervisor Capabilities (silent, whisper and barge monitoring)
    • Reporting


    • Includes All Standard Package Features
    • Omni-Channel (callback routing, chat and email)
    • Third-Party Software Integration
    • Screen Pop (silent, whisper and barge monitoring)
    • Screen Recording


    • Includes All Standard and Advanced Package Features
    • Outbound Automated Dialer (manual, preview, predictive and progressive )
    • Social Media (SMS / Twitter, Facebook, Twitter)

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