Market-Leading Smart Automation and Security Solutions.

Established in 2003, Clear2there, a division of EarthBend, is a leading provider of advanced video surveillance, smart home, smart business, smart farm applications and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

The Clear2there platform, which has been adopted by hundreds of service providers in the U.S., enables the simple design and deployment of locally relevant smart-premises services and solutions. The Clear2there solution suite empowers users with the ability to easily monitor and manage a location, or multiple locations, from any smartphone, tablet or internet-connected device. Typical features include video surveillance; process automation; remote monitoring, access, thermostat and lighting controls; water and flood detection; and event-driven alerts and automated responses.

Keeping You Clearly Connected.

Learn how Clear2there’s complete suite of video surveillance, access control and smart automation solutions can help keep your home or business running smoothly, safely and cost-effectively.

Manage Your Business – Anytime, Anywhere

Clear2There offers smart security, automation, and energy management solutions that enable you to monitor and administer critical aspects of your everyday business operations. Clear2there’s solution suite empowers businesses with the ability to easily monitor and manage a location, or multiple locations, from any smartphone, tablet, or internet-connected device. Typical Clear2there system applications include video surveillance; process automation; remote monitoring, access, thermostat, and lighting controls; water and flood detection; and event-driven alerts and automated responses.

Cultivating Success on the Farm

The Clear2there smart farm concept leverages broadband services, mobility, and a broad range of measurement, monitoring, and management technologies to enable remotely managed security and control over a variety of systems throughout the farming operation. A major element of the smart farm solution is the seamless ability to monitor and control systems and situations from any mobile device connected to the internet.

In a farming operation, time and property are immensely valuable. Clear2there solutions make it possible to more efficiently manage many of the everyday responsibilities that exist in a modern farming enterprise.

Connecting Customers In Need of Special Care

Clear2there smart care solutions combine to deliver a reliable, cost-effective health care monitoring system, providing independence to seniors and peace of mind for their loved ones.  In addition to video monitoring and access control solutions, Clear2there smart care technologies include shower pull cords, bedside alarms, fall detection devices, panic/alert pendants and other vital sign monitoring devices.

Keeping an Eye on What Matters Most

The safety of employees, customers and property is of the utmost importance to business owners. A video surveillance system is an excellent means of monitoring and protecting these valuable assets.  Likewise, video surveillance can reinforces the security of your home and play a crucial part in keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Clear2there offers a complete range of premises-based or cloud-hosted video surveillance solutions, including a full line of IP and analog cameras for interior and exterior use. And, best of all, Clear2there’s remote monitoring capabilities enable live and recorded video to be viewed from any location, at any time of the day or night over a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Pure IP to the Door Technology

Similar to the deployment of video surveillance, the effective implementation and use of access control solutions can provide tremendous advantages and return on investment benefits to businesses of all types. With Clear2there’s flexible Viewbiquity Cloud Application Suite (VCAS) platform, companies can customize a video surveillance and access control solution to meet their unique business needs and requirements.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Clear2there provides a highly-flexible and intelligent integration platform to facilitate the cost-effective delivery and management of value-added smart home and smart business services. Along with supporting remote monitoring and surveillance capabilities, the Clear2there Viewbiquity Cloud Application Suite (VCAS) can integrate and manage a wide range of devices, like digital locks, thermostats, motion sensors, power and lighting controls, and other standards-based smart devices.


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