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Cloud Contact Center Continues Upward Trajectory


Last year could be seen as the breakthrough moment when cloud-based vendors began their takeover of the contact center infrastructure market. While most contact center infrastructure is still installed on-premises—market replacements generally occur every six to 10 years—cloud-based contact center infrastructure is where market momentum is happening.

Cloud Contact Center Continues Upward Trajectory2018-05-20T13:47:37-07:00

Technologies Transforming the Contact Center


Contact centers are some of the most technically sophisticated operations in the enterprise, putting to use more than 45 systems and applications. Companies are striving to understand customer needs, engage Millennial customers and employees, increase the use of self-service tools, improve service quality while reducing costs, simplify operating environments, and reduce fraud, and they’re looking to vendors for help.

Technologies Transforming the Contact Center2018-05-20T14:05:03-07:00

SharePoint vs. Knowledge Base Software


Organizations looking to develop a knowledge base will often turn to SharePoint instead of trying a specialized solution. This decision stems from overestimating SharePoint’s capabilities and finding the move to a new solution inconvenient. However, using SharePoint to build a knowledge base is not a good approach.

SharePoint vs. Knowledge Base Software2018-05-20T13:54:31-07:00
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